Cuba on the Cheap – How to Plan a Trip to Cuba on a Budget

Cuba is a fascinating country. With stunning beaches and a vibrant culture and the fact that Cuba was cut off from most of the modern world for so long. It has a unique “frozen in time” feel right now. That surely won’t last as tourism increasingly ramps up from all corners of the globe.  Regardless, Cuba is an amazing destination for travelers seeking an affordable … Continue reading Cuba on the Cheap – How to Plan a Trip to Cuba on a Budget

Famous Photo Spots in Rome

Ahoy-hoy fellow travelers! Rome, without a doubt, is one of the most photogenic cities int he world.  From the ancient architecture to the world-class art, to the legendary food, there’s no shortage of insta-worthy spots.  If you’re planning a trip to the Eternal City and want to make sure you hit all the best spots for pics, I’ve got you.  In this blog post, I’m … Continue reading Famous Photo Spots in Rome

Kilimanjaro Packing List 2023

Packing for an adventure like Mount Kilimanjaro can be daunting – figuring out what to pack, what to buy, and what to skip can be overwhelming. So when 8 type-A women decided to do a climb, there were hours spent researching, and you can bet there were spreadsheets. It’s all right here. The results of our research and experience on the climb. Continue reading Kilimanjaro Packing List 2023