How To Get to the Airport From Rome

Rome is a tourist’s dream. Incredible food, stunning architecture, important history, but when your trip is over, you’ll need to know how to get to the airport from Rome. While, if you’re traveling to the countryside, or have a ton of luggage (be sure to check our our complete packing guide for Italy) renting a car is ideal, but if you’re staying in the city (or traveling from city to city), you’ll want to leverage the robust public transit options. There are a few simple ways to get to Rome from the airport, and back again – we’ll break them down:

Getting to the Airport from Rome by Train

When you get to a foreign country, with language barriers, it’s often easiest to take a train to your destination, but is there a train station at the Rome airport?  Luckily, there is!  With direct links to Termini rail station right in the heart of Italy, this is often the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective way to get back and forth between Rome and the airport. 

Getting to the Airport from Rome by Train

In Termini station, you’ll want to look for the Trenitalia Leonardo Express.  The train leaves every 15 minutes, and the trip takes just 32 minutes (without the risk of traffic). Tickets cost €14, and it’ll drop you off right across from Terminal 1.

Getting to Rome from the Airport by Train

Upon arrival to Fiumicino Airport, collect your baggage and go through customs.  Follow the signage to the Roma Fiumicino train station – it’s well marked through the airport, accessed by two skywalks – one located between terminal 1 and terminal 2, and one located in Terminal 3.  From there, you’ll find the Trenitalia Leonardo Express with trains departing every 15 minutes at a cost of €14. The train brings you straight to Termini station right in the heart of Rome.

Almost all roads from the airport end here, at Roma Termini Train Station

Getting between Rome and the Airport by Bus

If you’re interested in a more cost effective option, you can easily take a bus into the city of Rome from Fiumicino airport.  With a terminus at Termini Rail Station, just like the trains, if you’re on a budget, this is an excellent option. To the west of Terminal 3, you’ll find a bank of bus bays.  For a cost of just around €7, you can get right to Termini Rail station, and it’ll take you about 45 minutes. We reccomend that you book your transfer with Terravision (the largest shuttle operator) in advance.

Getting to the Airport from Rome by Taxi

Standard taxis between Rome and Fiumicino will get you from here to there in 40 minutes and run you roughly €50.  Be aware that if you’re traveling late at night, transporting a large amount of luggage or if you have a larger party, costs may be higher. The convenience can’t be beat.  Using an app like Free Now can help make that process easy. You’ll want to make sure you have some cash on hand, just in case the driver’s credit card machine isn’t working. We’ve got a comprehensive guide to getting local currency, so check that out before you go! If you’re intending to use an app for rides while in Rome, double chec

Getting to the Airport from Rome by Uber

Of the two major rideshare apps, only Uber works in Rome, but it’s not necessarily the inexpensive taxi-alternative that it is elsewhere.  Only Uber Black is available and Uber Lux is available in the city.  If you want to ride in style, this is a great, convenient method, but if you’re traveling on a budget, you’ll want to avoid this option.  That being said, if you’re intending to use an app for rides while in Rome, double check your phone plan and make sure you know what you can and can’t do while traveling internationally. You don’t want to get hit with a hefty surprise bill upon your return!

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