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10 Cultural Do’s and Don’ts in Japan

Japan is a country where the ancient clashes with the future.  The culture is steeped in tradition and rooted in ancient customs. Politeness is a way of life in Japan, and the general foundation for behavior is that if, in any way, what you are doing could offend or inconvenience someone else, you don’t do it.  Here are a few of the simple rules to follow so you’re not offending the people of Japan. Continue reading 10 Cultural Do’s and Don’ts in Japan

A Perfect Weekend in Napa

Located easy driving distance from San Francisco, and easily accessed via SFO or OAK, the Napa Valley undulates north, dotted by internationally famous wineries supplied by some of the best vines in the world.  With stunningly beautiful weather most days, and vistas that rival Tuscany, Napa is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of a busy life.  While equally fantastic for a romantic … Continue reading A Perfect Weekend in Napa